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Columbia Council of Camera Clubs

2002-03 Competition Schedule

Print Category

Transparency Category

Monochrome Division

October 2002 Infinity Photo Art Group
November Boise Camera Club
December Film Pack
January 2003 The Dalles Camera Club
February Cascade Camera Club
March Blue Mountain Photo Club
April Oregon Coast Photographers' Association
May Portland Photographic Society

Division Chairperson: Gill Schumaker, APSA - 4521 Kootenai St., Boise, ID 83705, 208-343-7457,

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Color Division

October 2002 Boise Camera Club
November Portland Photographic Society
December Infinity Photo Art Group
January 2003 Monticello Camera Club
February The Dalles Camera Club
March Film Pack
April Cascade Camera Club
May Oregon Coast Photographers' Association

Division Chairperson: Pat Starr - 226 NE 151st, Portland, OR 97230, 503-253-9119,

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Commercial Division

October 2002 Film Pack
November King City Camera Club
December Blue Mountain Photo Club
January 2003 Oregon Coast Photographers' Association
February Grande Ronde Camera Club
March Oregon Color Slide Club
April Valley Viewfinders
May Boise Camera Club

Division Chairperson: Karen Sharinghousen - 13115 SE Foster, Space #1, Portland, OR 97236, 503-760-8351

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Monthly Slide Division

Due to the numbers of participating clubs in this division, it is divided into three groups (changed every year based on accrued points):

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Cascade Camera Club Blue Mountain Photo Club Canyon Photographic Club
Caveman Camera Club Boise Camera Club Columbia Gorge Camera Club
Film Pack Emerald Photographic Society Monticello Camera Club
Forest Grove Camera Club Grande Ronde Camera Club Prineville Camera Club
King City Camera Club Infinity Photo Arts Southern Oregon Photographic Society
Meterite Camera Club Oregon Coast Photographers' Association Willamalane Camera Club
Portland Photographic Society Oregon Color Slide Club Yamhill Camera Club
Spokane Valley Camera Club Spokane Camera Club
The Dalles Camera Club Valley Viewfinders

Judging Schedule:

Group 1

Judged By

October 2002 Emerald Photographic Society
November Valley Viewfinders
December Oregon Color Slide Club
January 2003 Spokane Camera Club
February Southern Oregon Photographic Association
March Southern Oregon Photographic Association
April Monticello Camera Club
May Prineville Camera Club


Group 2

Judged By

October 2002 King City Camera Club
November Forest Grove Camera Club
December Spokane Valley Camera Club
January 2003 Film Pack
February Caveman Camera Club
March Portland Photographic Society
April Columbia Gorge Camera Club
May Yamhill Valley Camera Club


Group 3

Judged By

October 2002 Grande Rounde Camera Club
November Blue Mountain Photo Club
December Oregon Coast Photographers' Association
January 2003 Boise Camera Club
February Meterite Camera Club
March Cascade Camera Club
April The Dalles Camera Club
May Infinity Photo Arts

Division Chairperson: Billy Burke - PO Box 444, Forest Grove, OR 97116, 503-357-5344,

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