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Columbia Council of Camera Clubs

    The Columbia Council of Camera Clubs now have their own domain name and website.

    Unfortunately, it is still under development - so you will need to continue referencing this site until further notice. 

    Welcome to the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs' (4Cs) web pages provided by OCPA.

    In this section, you will find the schedule for the interclub competitions; reproductions of newsletters from participating 4C member clubs; and the "Gold Book" (the official document of all things 4Cs). The Competition Rules and Guidelines are available in a Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version - just drop an email to the editor/webmaster at or you can use the "Contact OCPA" link in the contents frame (left).

    Also, in order to provide our readers easy access to recent updates/corrections to the Gold Book, you will find a table below showing when and what updates have been made.

Gold Book Updates
"page" refers to the page number in the Adobe Acrobat version (and/or .doc version)

Subject Page Updated
Large Class, Print Category - Size Definition Three 10/13/02
96-square Class, Print Category - Size Definition Three 10/13/02
Ben Andrews Division, Presentation Category - Schedule Eight 10/13/02
Mid-Length Show Division, Presentation Category - Schedule Eight 10/13/02

* note: the updates shown as 10/13/02 did not get posted until 01/19/03 (an oversight when the OCPA website was redesigned). These changes were made to the "Gold Book" (which are available in .doc or .pdf versions, mentioned above) immediately after the executive committee approved them. However, the rule changes were mentioned in the October 2002 edition of the 4Cs' newsletter "Sweet Spot" and the club representatives at the breakfast/meeting held at the Annual Convention in October should have reported them to their individual clubs. The editor/webmaster apologizes for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

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