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Jackie with Don, Jana and Carol
Pony Village Show & Sale Chairperson Jackie C. discusses the exhibit with (left to right) Don T., Jana H. and Carol T.

Jackie & John
John C. discuses particular images with Jackie C.

Win Me
Donated by Tracy H., this print of a Bandon Sunset was won (raffle) by Evelyn Stephens of Coos Bay, Oregon.

OCPA Members
Members (left to right) Janice P. with her significant, Carol T., Billy D., Randy R. and Don T. (who is pushing a shopping cart for entertainment).

Cash Box
And every members favorite friend: the Cash Box.

Some statistics:

    52 easels (standards) were used to display 215 images (plus 20 in the "flip bin"). 31 images were sold during this exhibit, giving us our largest gross to-date (10% of all sales goes to OCPA).
    We picked up one new member and one renewal. 120 raffle tickets were sold for the print donated by Tracy H. (who shares the revenue 50/50 with OCPA) and thousands of people viewed the display.
    A big thanks to Jackie C. and her committee for putting this all together, RamCell for letting us store our gear in their business overnight and to Pony Village Mall for letting us put on the exhibit.


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