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AUGUST 7-11, 2002

l Entries will be received at the Fair Grounds (Myrtle Point) on Sunday, August 4th from 1pm to 6pm and then on Monday the 5th from 10am to 8pm. Judging will be Tuesday the 6th and is closed to the public.

l All photography exhibits must remain in place until 5pm, Sunday, August 11th with NO exceptions. All exhibits must be picked up by 6:30pm that day.

l Entry Limit: An exhibitor may enter a maximum of 10 entries in any combination of classes in one division only.

l There must be at least four (4) entrants per class for the class to be judged. If there are less than four, the superintendent will reclassify to the nearest class.

l Black & White and Color prints will be judged together in the same class unless there are at least four (4) B&W entrants (then a new class will be formed). B&W photos that are toned or hand-colored will be considered B&W.

l If there are more entries than space allows, the superintendent will decide what is displayed. All entries will be judged. The superintendent also reserves the right to reclassify any entry deemed not properly classified.

l No piece previously entered in the Coos County Fair, more than three (3) years old, or prints that are essentially the same are not eligible. Nudes will not be accepted (ages birth to three (3) years are exception).

l DIMENSIONS: The outside dimensions must be at least 5"x7’ (35 sq. in.), not to exceed 16"x20" (320 sq. in.), including mat/mount. Total thickness, including mat/ mount, must not exceed ¼ inch.

l ALL entries must be mounted. Frames, glass, plastic (shrink) wrap and other coverings will not be accepted. Mats are appropriate for protection and presentation but are not mandatory. Hangers are not necessary.

l The photographer’s name or other information must not appear on the front of the exhibit (except for "Display Only" classes).
However the name, address and telephone number of the exhibitor must appear on the back of the mount. Also indicate "which way is up".

l All photographs must have been exposed by the entrant, although processing and printing may be done by others.


Judging Criteria:

Effectiveness of visualization     35%
Technique                                       35%
Presentation                                   30%



Best of Division             $15 & ribbon
1st Place in class           $  5 & ribbon
2nd Place in class         $  3 & ribbon
3rd Place in class          $  1 & ribbon
Honorable Mention                ribbon


Special Awards:

l "People's Choice/Best of Show" will be selected by fair attendees who fill out an entry blank Tuesday through 1:00 p.m. Saturday. The photograph with the highest number of eligible votes will be declared the winner and awarded $10.00 and a ribbon. Ballots will be available in the Photo Department.
One eligible ballot (non-duplicated, properly filled-out) will be drawn at random and awarded five (5) rolls of 35mm color print film provided by the Oregon Coast Photographers' Association.

l "Superintendent’s Choice" will be awarded Sunday and then displayed at the 2002 Oregon State Fair in a special collection of the "Best of the County Fairs" photography display. Ribbon.

l "Fair Theme – ?" is open to all divisions, limit one entry per entrant. 1st, 2nd and 3rd as above.

l "Youth Award" given by (and juried by) the Oregon Coast Photographers' Association to outstanding photographers in Division 1 and/or 2. Award winners will be judged on their entire body of work submitted. "Place" winners will not be eligible for this award in consecutive years. 1st Place - $35.00, 2nd Place - $25.00, 3rd Place - $20.00, Honorable Mention (at panel's discretion, up to two awarded) - $10.00.
In addition to the cash awards, all "Youth Award" winners will be granted a one-year membership in the Oregon Coast Photographers' Association. The 1st Place award winner will also have their image professionally mounted, matted and framed by Golden Shellback Custom Matting and Framing (Coos Bay, OR).


Division 1: Youth
11 years and under

Division 2: Juniors
12-16 years old

Division 3: Adult Novice
17 years plus

Division 4: Adult Intermediate
Individuals who know something of photography, some experience and/or no sales.

Division 5: Adult Advanced
Individuals who have experience, consistent award winners, have sales and/or etc..


Classes (for all divisions):

1) Coos County scenes

2) Land/Seascape (scenic)

3) People

4) Animals

5) Floral

6) Still Life

7) Action/Sports

8) Abstract

9) Special Effects

10) Do-It-Yourself (exposing, processing, printing, presentation)

11) Architecture/Buildings

12) Collage

13) News/Journalism

14) Other

15) Display Only


Please remember, one print may fit into many classes or it may not exactly fit into any (other that "other"). Please do your best and have your images pre-classified before submission, if at all possible.

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