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Summary of Judging and Scoring Guidelines for Competitions

July 2001

Judging Guidelines
    OCPA asks that judges of OCPA competitions observe the following eight guidelines:

  1. Use the 9-point scoring system described below.
  2. Be consistent: do not change your scoring in the middle of a session.
  3. Set aside your personal biases on subject and style.
  4. Do not indiscriminately apply the "Rules of Composition."
  5. Do not give a disproportionate number of high and low scores.
  6. Take lint, dirt, and fungus into account if significant.
  7. Take scratches into account.
  8. If you see an image that looks like it was computer generated or manipulated, score it normally: this is okay in OCPA competitions.

Scoring Guidelines
All OCPA competitions will be judged on a 1-9 scale. Please use the following guidelines for giving each score:

  1. Slide should be disqualified.
  2. Serious technical defects.
  3. Either significant technical defects or serious content problems.
  4. Minor technical defects or content not well handled.
  5. Acceptable but not interesting.
  6. Reasonably solid and interesting. Generally the average score.
  7. Very strong. Rewards contemplation.
  8. Exceptional. Unique and worthy of special recognition.
  9. A medal winner, among the best you have seen. Rarely awarded.


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