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(revised July 17, 2002)

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I)    There shall be four (4) competitions per OCPA fiscal year (July to June).

II)    All persons entering this competition must:

A)    Be OCPA members in good standing.
Remain in their selected Division until the end of the competition year.
C)    Be willing to serve on appropriate judging panel(s) when requested by the Competition Committee, except:

1)    Division I members.
2)    Members who have less than twelve (12) full month’s membership and/or request exemption.
3)    Any member excused by the Competition Committee for reasonable cause.
4)    The Competition Committee may extend the exemption of new members for reasonable cause.

D)    Members do not have to be present to be eligible to enter the competition, however, the delivery and return of images is the responsibility of the individual member.

III)    There shall be three (3) categories: Transparencies, Color Print & Monochrome Print.

A)    A member may enter up to three (3) images in each Category per competition night - i.e. you might enter as many as nine (9) images per competition night.

IV)    There shall be three (3) Competition Divisions For Transparencies: Division I (judged, scored, no awards), Division II (all members who are not in Division I or III), Division III (members who are knowledgeable and skilled in photography and competition).

V)    There shall be two (2) Competition Divisions For Color Print and Monochrome Print: Division I (judged, scored, no awards), Division II (all others).

VI)  Members shall select their appropriate Division(s) in each Category at the beginning of the competition year or when they first enter any annual competition (example: an individual member may enter in the Transparency Category in Division III, in the Color Print Category in Division II and the Monochrome Category in Division I – depending on skill and/or comfort level). Members who would like assistance in Division placement can arrange to have images juried by committee.

VII)    The subject of the competitions (at the discretion of the Board) will be OPEN unless a specific theme is identified prior to the competition.

VIII)    Criteria:

A)    Each Transparency must be in a 2”x2” slide mount (to be shown using a “Kodak Carousel” slide tray) and properly marked (see IX A).
B)    Each Print must be mounted (fixed to a hard backing, matting is not required but it can enhance an image when used wisely) and properly marked (see IX B).

1)    Minimum Size:
        (a)    Division I – 5”x7” overall
        (b)    Division II & III – 8”x10” overall

2)    Maximum Size:
        (a)    All Divisions – 16”x20” overall

IX)    IDENTIFICATION (please note that these guidelines are for OCPA competitions, other organizations such as CCCC’s, PSA or other competitions may have different requirements):

A)    Transparencies: All slides shall be marked with a dot or other thumb mark (spot) in the lower left corner of the mount as the maker intends the image to be shown. A title may be placed on the front of the slide to the left of the thumb mark (when it is turned upside down) as shown. Maker’s name shall appear on the backside – opposite the thumb mark as shown below.

B)    ALL Prints: For competition purposes, there shall be NO name or title on the front of the print or mat/mount that will identify the maker to the judging panel. However, hand printed or using the provided (the night of competition) identification label, Maker’s Name, Title, Entry Date and Image Orientation must be on the back of the mount.


A)    The Competition Committee will select a Judging Panel of at least three (3) persons.
        1)    If a member of the judging panel has entered the competition, an alternate will be chosen to judge those images.
        2)    The Competition Committee may use any reasonable system for selecting judges, but the Committee shall make reasonable efforts to involve all eligible members and not impose unreasonably on any individual member.
B)    The points awarded for each image (by each judge) will be on the 1-9 scoring system (1-low, 5-average, 9-perfect). Total scores will thus be 3 (minimum), 15 (average), 27 (perfect).


A)    All images entered into competition will be juried and points given.
B)    Total points, as scored by the judging panel, will be awarded each image. First (1st), Second (2nd) and Third (3rd) Places will be acknowledged in qualifying Divisions. Images that tie will be recognized as co-winners.
C)    Images may be entered three (3) times before becoming ineligible for competition, except:
        1)      Images that have received a 1st Place may not be reentered in any subsequent “Members Only” Competition(s).
        2)      Images that receive a 2nd or 3rd Place may be reentered one (1) time in any subsequent “Members Only” Competition(s).
D)    A
wards are based on the members’ averaged annual accrued score for each Category. To be eligible for any annual awards, a member must have entered a minimum of seven (7) of the maximum twelve (12) opportunities to compete in that Category.

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