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  1. Photographer must be a member (in good standing) of the OCPA.
  2. The show will be advertised in the media according to the theme for that show. Although not required, photographers are encouraged to bring a photograph that fits the theme.
  3. All photographs must be matted and framed to be hung and will have the name of photographer and price marked on each piece of work entered.
  4. Photographs must not be wider or taller than the standards (at the discretion of the committee this requirement can be waived or altered).
  5. Photographs in the flip bin must be mounted on foam core or heavy mat board, shrink wrapped or enclosed in clear plastic protective sleeves with the price written on the back of photograph.
    1. Bring an inventory of photos entered in the show prior to hanging. Inventory will include all photos entered, asking price, photographer’s name and telephone number.
    2. Photographer must sign up and work at the show or find another member to substitute to have the privilege of hanging photos. Time slots will be equally distributed among entrants.
    3. Hang the photographs on the designated day according to the following guidelines:
    1. Hang your photographs throughout the space allotted.
    2. Put some of your photographs on the top and some on the bottom of the standard.
    3. Be sure your photograph looks good next to its ‘neighbor’ (alternate large and small photographs so it will be balanced; be sure colors go together).
    4. Put the label below your photograph flush with the right of the frame.
    5. Adhere to the standard with blue masking tape (no sticky gum or tape that will remove paint from the standard). NO TAPE ON THE FRONT OF THE LABEL.
    6. The show monitor may rearrange photos the next morning to follow the guidelines.
  7. Each photographer is responsible for removing their own photographs after the show. OCPA and Pony Village Mall assume no responsibility for photographs hung in the show.

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