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OCPA's Member's Sites
visit the web sites from some of OCPA's talented members

Columbia Council of Camera Club - Member Clubs
web sites of member clubs of the 4C's

Photography Club Councils
councils are made up of individual clubs in any given region

Photographic Organizations
other types of photographic organizations

Photography Site Indexes / Portals
these sites consist of indexes and links for many different photography subjects & services

Useful Photography Sites
some of our favorite websites that provide useful information and tips on photography

Web Cams
a variety of sites that will allow you to see what is going on in real time

Useful General Sites
includes downloads and other info, while not directly related to photography, that could be useful

these are links that I just could not currently find a category for



Boise Camera Club, Boise, ID

Cascade Stereoscopic Club, Portland, OR

Emerald Photographic Society, Eugene, OR

Southern Oregon Photographic Association, Medford, OR

Spokane Camera Club

Wallowa Valley Photo Club, Joseph, OR


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Photography Club Councils


Photographic Society of America, PSA

Northern California Council of Camera Clubs

Northwest Council of Camera Clubs

Southern California Council of Camera Clubs


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OCPA's Member's Sites


Don Hall

Adam Kincher
(Click on "Photo Albums," then on "Shoebox")

Tony Mason

Maureen Stout

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Photographic Organizations


Professional Photographers of America, Inc.
14,000 professional photographers and image makers in many varied disciplines. News, events, searchable database.

The Professional Photographers of Oregon
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, support, and promotion of professional portrait, wedding, and commercial photography in Oregon.

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Photography Site Indexes / Portals


ACE Index
2000 Camera Stores, Mail Order Digital Cameras, Camera Equipment, Photo Labs, Camera Repair, Photo Equipment Manufactures, Magazines.

Cal Photo
Not only listing other California camera clubs, but also wildflower, fall foliage & wildlife hot sheets (where things are currently happening) - plus how-to's.

An online learning community of people improving their photography expertise.


Library of Photography - Organizations and Clubs
Photo Organizations and Clubs. Library of Photography, Photography resource site with large amount of information for photographers.

Launchbase » Arts » Photography » Clubs
Looking for Clubs? Browse the largest Internet directory of all the best online resources for clubs, photography, arts and other related topics (operated by Netscape, it will automatically try to put a bookmark on your computer).

Photo Secrets
Another "catalog" of photography magazines.

fineArt Forum
A resource directory for fine art photography.
This page offers access to Photography Magazine arts publication resources. These resources about Photography Magazine related information offers access to publications about the visual arts. Simply select one of the Photography Magazine links.

Search for Photographers
Search our database of over 11000 photographers by their specialty and/or location. You'll also find extensive databases of photo assistants, models, and industry suppliers.

Doug Olsen's
The home of FStopPhoto and Doug Olsen, aka Mahlon Douglas, who is more unknown than you. This site is about the love of photography, images not necessarily my own and is a free community service. Here, you will find thousands of links to many subjects of interest. If you do not find what you are looking for in a specific category, try the "links" page where there are other subjects to check out. 


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Useful Photography Sites
A web based dictionary of photographic terms.

PhotoZone Gallery
See the work of photographers from Eugene, Oregon.

Color Slides Newsletter
A FREE monthly email publication that offers tips and tricks to assist professionals with the design of color slide presentations and on-screen shows using programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. Back issues are available.

Apogee Photo
A FREE online magazine designed to inform and entertain photographers of all ages and levels.

Photo District News

Photo-Pro e-Magazine

Photo Betty
An e-zine for women photographers.

Which Camera
Reference source for camera buyers. Includes a constantly updated searchable database of all current cameras and downloadable test reports (for a “small” fee).


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Web Cams


TripCheck - Oregon Road Cam Images

KGW-TV webcams

Crater Lake National Park

Washington State Real Time Road and Weather Traveler Info

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Old Faithful Geyser (Yellowstone National Park)

Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone National Park)

Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley (Yosemite National Park)


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Useful General Sites


Sun or Moon Altitude-Azimuth Table
Determine the sunrise/set times and locations for any given location.

The official U.S. time-clock
This site not only provides the correct time but shows a world map indicating the current daylight/nighttime boundaries.

Atomic Clock Sync utility
Free utility download to sync your computer's internal clock with an atomic clock.

Umpqua National Forest Wildflowers
Find out what is blooming in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest.

Wildlife Watching
Weekly Wildlife Viewing Report - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Shields UP!
This is a small download (20K) that will test the security of your computer's connection to the internet (are you likely to be hacked?).

A free (for personal or non-profit use) dynamic firewall that allows total control over application's internet use.

Nature Field Guides
Drawn from the famous Audubon guides, this site allows download of bird, wildflower, wildlife, etc. information.

Free online topographic maps from NOAA and USGS.


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2000 Coos County Fair
A travel log site with images.

Oregon State Fair


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