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March 22-25, 2001

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    Based on preliminary results, our 14th "Show & Sale" at Pony Village Mall was our best ever! The following are a few images made during the show to give our viewers a taste of the experience (all were taken on March 25th):

Visitors view all the wonderful images
Which one do I like the best?

Doing the paperwork
Carol T. and Jana H. help chairperson Jackie C. with the paperwork.

OCPA member Eleanor drove down from Florence for this event.
OCPA member, Eleanor L. (standing) came down from Florence just to see the show and to talk to fellow members (Jana & Tracy H. pictured here).

Jackie and John talking things over
John C. and Jackie C. talk about this year's show.

Is digital the future of photography?
Billy D., Tracy H. & Paul R. discuss digital imaging - the future of photography?


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