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Columbia Council of Camera Clubs

Article I

    The organization shall be known as the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs.

Article II

    The purpose will be to coordinate and promote camera clubs, Photographic Society of America and other photographic activities of interest to camera clubs and their members.

Article III

    Section 1. The membership shall include camera clubs, photographic societies and other organizations operating for the benefit of amateur photographers.

    Section 2. This council is organized primarily to serve amateur photographic organizations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and northern California, but membership is open to any other photographic organization wishing to join.

Article IV

    Each club taking membership in the council is required to appoint a perennial representative to work with the council in person or in absentia in promoting its activities in his club. Others may also attend meetings and serve on the Executive Committee. Only one vote may be cast by each club, however.

Article V

    Officers of the Council will be: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor.

Article VI

    Proposed amendments to this constitution must be presented on a written ballot to the club representatives at least 6 weeks before action is taken and may be ratified by affirmative vote of two-thirds of these representatives balloting.

Article VII
Parliamentary Procedure:

    The business of this organization shall be conducted according to the latest edition of Roberts' Rules of Order.

adopted July 18, 1998

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